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PhaZZer (Civilian)




The conductive energy weapons (CEW) market has grown since the inception of TASER International. One competitor is PhaZZer Electronics, Inc. They provide electronic control devices as well as stun guns, namely the Enforcer and Dragon models. The great thing about PhaZZer's brand of CEW is that they provide a cheaper alternative to TASER, while retaining the highest quality components that you would expect from a reliable less-than-lethal option. The PhaZZer Enforcer is a law enforcement-grade CEW that offers specifications equal to or greater than that of TASER's M26 and X26 models. It is far more affordable than the $1000 price tag of the X26. The Dragon is similiar in price to that of the C2, but offers a rehargeable battery pack and different variations of cartridges beyond the normal dart cartridge.


Simply put, if you are looking for an effective conductive energy weapon at an affordable price, the PhaZZer Dragon and Enforcer models are the way to go. They are backed by a one-year warranty and replacement, just like TASER. At a price of $600 the Enforcer is an excellent choice for security personnel and law enforcement.