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Altai Boots

If you work in law enforcement, private security or serve in the military you know what it means to be constantly on your feet. You are constantly on the move. Police officers have to chase down suspects and walk the beat. Security guards, bounty hunters and executive protection agents have to conduct hourly walks of their assigned properties, keep up with fugitives or protect their clients. Not having the proper footwear can not only make you uncomfortable while conducting your duties but also damage your feet over time. 

When looking for a good boot you should look for: durability, comfortability and high quality. You want something that is going to last for several years of wear and tear. A high quality boot will be both durable and comfortable. Comfort has to do with how a boot is designed, in addition to the insole. 

CODE-4 Tactical Solutions boot recommendationAltai Gear branded boots

Why? For their high marks in all three areas.

While we offer commonly known brands such as 5.11 Tactical and Under Armour, Altai Gear makes the best quality boots at great prices. Their boots feature SuperFabric material that makes the boots stain-resistant, abrasion-resistant and slash-resistant; features that every public safety professional should look for in their duty boots. Altai Gear's waterproofing, vibram insoles and speed lacing system can't be matched by other brands.