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Self Defense is a Lifestyle

When it comes to protecting you and your family, we make it easy to integrate non-lethal self defense products and solutions into your life, whatever your lifestyle.

Joggers - We supply self-defense products every runner should know about like the Litte Viper Pepper Spray Bracelet and DPS Jogger Pepper Spray. When armed with these non-lethal solutions, you can run in peace.

College Students - Life on campus can feel safe but that doesn't mean you're immune from danger. From pepper spray to stun guns to self defense keychains and more, we have the best non lethal self defense tools for college students.

Hiking and Outdoors - What's a life without adventure? When exploring new territory whether you're hiking, walking, jogging, bicycling, hiking, canoeing, fishing, or camping, make sure to carry personal safety options for self defense. We carry animal sprays as well as a wide variety of pepper and OC sprays.

Women's Safety - Women are usually thought of as "easy" targets. Statistically, women tend to be the victims of random crime. At Stun and Run Self Defense, we understand that strong women are concerned about their safety and actively look for the self defense solutions we provide.

Home Defense - One property crime happens every 4 seconds and one burglary happens every 20 seconds. Keep your home safe with our self defense products like alarms, pepper and oc sprays, batons, and electroshock weapons. Our non lethal products are designed to help you combat crime.

Realtor Safety - Understanding your knowledge of self-defense is a critical first step. Since your job requires frequently meeting with strangers and people you may not know very well, it's important you know how to use self-defense products along with techniques to protect yourself.

Law Enforcement - We can provide you with the tools to keep you safe and help you effectively carry out your job.

Rideshare Drivers and Food Delivery Drivers - When it comes to driving directly into unknown territory, it's vital that safety is at the forefront of your priorities. Our pepper spray and stun guns allow you to do your job with ease.

Security Professionals - Much like law enforcement, security professionals are often faced with high-threat situations. Keep yourself safe with our self defense products like alarms, pepper and oc sprays, batons, and electroshock weapons.

Senior Safety - Seniors can often become targets because they are more likely to stick to the same routines, live alone and/or are isolated, and tend to have more mental and physical disabilities. With personal alarms, we make self defense as easy as a push of a button.

Travelers - Don't let fear stop you from traveling. Make sure to do your research, be aware of your surroundings, and keep a non-lethal self defense product on you at all times, such as pepper spray.

Truck Drivers - Every seasoned long-haul truck driver understands that planning their pick and drops also involves planning for safety.

Personal Safety By Lifestyle

After hopping on the Stun & Run Self Defense website, you're likely shocked at all the self-defense and personal safety options you have to choose from! We all have different needs based on our individual lifestyles. So instead of shifting through multiple products, let's help you out. 

We've done some of the heavy lifting for you by consolidating products by lifestyle

Check out self-defensesurvival and tactical gear through a variety of lifestyle categories.

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