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Personal Alarms

Personal alarms

bring you safety and security through the power of sound. Perfect for throwing an attacker off-guard and scaring them off. Just be sure to be where people can hear it.

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Personal Alarm Recommendations

Our budget option would be the 130dB Mini Personal Keychain Alarm. This small alarm is very loud and fits perfectly on a keychain. It has a low-level flashlight built in as well. This is one of our favorites.

We recommend getting the 2 in 1 Personal Door Alarm. It works great if you are staying in a hotel or if you are out and about. And it is loud! This alarm is great for keeping intruders away. It uses two 9 volt batteries.

Our premium option would be the UFO Multi-Function Personal Alarm. This 120dB unit can be used as a burglar alarm, door/window alarm, drawer/cupboard alarm, personal alarm, bag alarm or as a flashlight. 

Personal Alarms for Self Defense and Safety Protection

You've probably seen or at least heard of those little devices that emit loud noise, which people use for protection. Personal alarms are like car alarms for people. Easily portable and extremely loud, they are effective at deterring stalkers or anyone looking to isolate and assault you. Personal alarms come in a variety of forms. Some have key rings, which you can place on your key chain. Others can be placed around your neck so that they are easier to reach when needed. Some even have a multi-function, working as both personal alarms and door alarms. 

Remember: The louder the alarm, the more effective it will be!

Decibels determine the intensity of sound. Personal alarms work by giving off powerful sound waves in order to alert others to your presence. They typically range between 90 to 130 decibels.  Sound can be devastating at high levels. 130 decibels is the point in which human hearing can become damaged, especially over extended periods of time. 130 decibels is as loud as a jackhammer. Try blowing that in your attacker's ears and watch them back off! 


When alarms are used in close proximity they are great and effective

The purpose of the personal alarm is to make others aware of your situation. It takes away an assailant's best weapon: the element of surprise. With the alarm going off, the attacker is sure to get unwanted attention and flee. Personal alarms are most effective when you are in proximity to large numbers of people. They are not optimal for isolated situations, such as empty parking lots or garages, where no one is around to hear them. The problem with these devices is that they are closely associated with car alarms, which most people ignore. That is why it is crucial when using a personal alarm to shout "Help, Police!" or "Fire!" in order to get the attention of others. 

Overall, personal alarms are simply self defense devices...but a good option!

As always, remember that a device is simply a tool and only part of your overall self-defense strategy. Combining a personal alarm with the likes of a stun gun or even pepper spray will be much more effective and give you a greater chance of getting away safely. 


Great for: Joggers, Late-shift workers, College students, Travelers, and many others!