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​How Sleep Affects Your Ability to Aim & Focus

Posted by Edie Mullins on

Many people believe that losing sleep for a few nights in a row is not such biggie, but science has proven that even one night of insufficient rest may cause unpleasant consequences for our health. When you need to stay sharp, sleepless nights are your worst enemy! In self-defense situations, being able to focus is vital, and that starts with a good night sleep.

I've read various studies on the topic, and all of them concluded that sleep deprivation affects the human ability to focus, along with the capacity of understanding a situation, adapting to it and planning actions under pressure or in rapidly changing circumstances. Research conducted on soldiers, for instance, showed that even if they can fight for certain periods of time after having slept only briefly, their efficiency decreases progressively day after day due to severe failures in command and control (directly determined by sleep deprivation).

Carrying a non-lethal weapon for self-defense requires you to understand the responsibility of handling that weapon, whether it is a pepper spray or anything else you might choose. If you don't get enough and proper sleep, you'll quickly start experiencing problems such as headaches, visual issues, shakiness, poor concentration, aggression, irritability, and even paranoia. All those will strongly influence your ability to focus and also aim when being in a situation that requires the use of a non-lethal weapon.

Here’s a short list of consequences caused by not getting enough sleep, which I put together to underline how a good night rest affects our ability to stay focused:

  • Slowing down

Lack of sleep will make your brain slow down. A slow-moving mind impacts your attention span, your ability to stay alert and to concentrate on a specific situation.

  • Risk of injury

Even though you’re handling a non-lethal weapon, if your ability to use it is diminished due to lack of sleep, there’s still a considerable risk of injury.

  • Memory and reaction

Not getting plenty of healthy sleep leads to memory issues; for instance, you could forget, on the spur of the moment, specific instructions regarding the use of a non-lethal weapon. Sleep deprivation also interferes with your ability to react quickly and safely in a potentially dangerous situation.

As you can see, getting plenty of healthy sleep is essential for your self-defense. And it has become amazingly easy to enjoy a sound sleep night after night: it starts with a comfortable mattress. Find the one that suits your sleeping style or health challenges – there are so many options on the market these days! You can pick from a broad mixture of models, including organic materials and smart beds (which, I confess, are at the top of my list).

Here’s what happens when you rest well on a high-quality bed, for at least six to eight hours every night:

  • Focus

Healthy sleep helps you stay focused and in good mental and physical shape. All worries disappear, and you won't experience anxiety issues. You’ll be alert and ready to act.

  • No stress

You will feel confident and relaxed after a good night sleep because a well-rested body and brain produce fewer stress hormones. No stress means that you can stay sharp and prepared for anything.

  • Peace of mind

Besides the long-term benefits (such as an excellent immune system, improved memory, and learning abilities), your daily peace of mind is a vital advantage, mainly when dealing with potentially dangerous situations.

So regardless of the problems and the worries of the day, try to unwind when the night comes and to enjoy several hours of deep rest. It will help you stay fast on the draw, no matter the circumstances.

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