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Stun Guns

Stun Guns

are close-range pain compliance tools, unlike TASER devices. But boy do they hurt! A good shock to the body will cause an immense level of pain. Sparking a stun gun in the air is great for warding off criminals and hostile animals alike. It's shockingly effective!

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The Best Stun Gun Products for Self-Defense

We supply only the best non-lethal stun guns, including a wide array of:

Stun Gun Batons - are extended stun guns, giving you distance from your attacker. If they try to grab your stun baton away, they'll be in for a shocking experience!

Omega Stun Guns - A well known and trusted electroshock weapon brand that has been around since the 60s. Omega Stun Guns have been used by law enforcement, military and animal control agencies across the world.

ZAP Stun Guns - Known to have a shockingly higher instant zap incapacitation rate. Zap stun guns range from 350,000 to 1.2 million volts.

Stun Gun Flashlights - Have the extra safety benefit of light. If you're on an evening stroll or out working the night shift, stun gun flashlights are an extremely effective electroshock weapon for self defense.

Concealed Stun Guns - The beauty of stun guns is that many of them are concealable, coming in the form of lipstick, cell phones and even walking sticks!

Compact Stun Guns - These non lethal electroshock products are easy to hold, conceal and access when under attack. They are an optimal choice when it comes to self defense options.

How Stun Guns and Electric Shock Devices Work

The human brain relies on neurotransmitters and nerve cells to relay information throughout the body. These transmitters work much like a phone line, serving as a channel for communication. The jolt from the stun gun interferes with neural pathways, creating background "noise" that confuses the body. The result is loss of balance and depletion of energy. Stun guns use a combination of amperage (strength of the electricity) and voltage (the "pressure" behind the amperage) to affect a target. The amperage, or "current", is what packs the punch. 


IMPORTANT: remember that amperage, not voltage, matters when looking for a stun gun to purchase. 4.5 milliamp models tend to be the most effective.




Stun Guns Come in All Shapes and Sizes

Stun guns used to be bulky and were operated by 9-volt batteries. The stun gun industry has evolved over time to include different variations. You can now find them in the form of a cell phone, baton, flashlight, tube of lipstick and even a walking cane! These "disguised" versions make it much easier to conceal and use against an unsuspecting attacker.



It is extremely important for you to understand that stun guns are NOT like TASER devices; they are completely different self-defense tools. The stun gun is a direct contact device that causes pain while the TASER is an electronic control device (ECD) that shoots darts up to 15 feet away and hampers the electrical signals in the brain (neuromuscular incapacitation), causing the body to become temporarily disabled for as long as the trigger is held.


There are a number of myths floating around out there that you need to be aware of before purchasing your first stun gun. We are committed to keeping you safe! Please go and check out our stun gun myths page in order to learn more.


Omega and ZAP are two of the best stun gun manufacturers. Yellow Jacket is also good.

Our budget option would be the ZAP Stun Gun . It is a standard hand-held unit that is easily concealable. Uses batteries and comes with a belt-loop holster for carry.

We recommend getting the Omega Super Stunner , Omega’s best stun gun.

Our premium option is the Omega Star Warrior Stun Baton , which gives you more reach than a regular stun gun. Featured in a number of movies (e.g. Demolition Man), is in use worldwide by a number of militaries, law enforcement, security and animal control agencies. Uses two 9 volt batteries.


TIP: For the greatest effect, always aim for the neck, torso, hips, groin and other sensitive areas or large muscle groups.


For more basic information on electroshock weapons, visit our stun gun & TASER FAQ page.


Your Reliable Electric Shock Device & Stun Gun Experts

Have any electric shock device or stun gun questions? As a local small business, we always have your back!

With these non-lethal self defense tools and products at your disposal, you can effectively protect you and your family.

From sourcing and supplying only the best electro devices, to making sure that we cater to your needs. Send any questions you have to support@srselfdefense.com or contact us for assistance.