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Stun Gun Batons

Stun Batons

are extended stun guns, giving you distance from your attacker. If they try to grab your stun baton away, they'll be in for a shocking experience! Great for use against hostile animals too.

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Stun Batons


Stun batons are great for making a bad guy know you mean business. A descendant of the cattle prod, the stun baton can be used to deter human threats as well as violent animals. They allow you a good level of distance, compared to a normal stun gun. Having one on your person can provide a greater level of safety.


Some stun batons are made from cheap materials while others are made of military-grade materials. Be sure that you are getting a good quality unit when deciding on a purchase. Some batons can be used as a striking tool, whereas others should only be used for the stunning function.