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DPS Pepper Spray

Defensive Protection Systems, LLC has created the most effective pepper spray on the market. Topping out at 200,000 "Out of the Nozzle Heat" (ONH), the DPS brand is one of the hottest available. It is superior to SABRE, Fox Labs, Def-Tech, Freeze+P and other popular defense sprays in use by law enforcement. DPS is in use by over 600 different law enforcement agencies and companies, and growing.

But most importantly, the RANGE of these sprays is superior than anything else available. DPS "X-Stream Range" sprays feature the longest range in the industry. This includes 15-17 feet for 2oz and 3oz sprays and 20 feet for 4oz sprays. Compare this to 7-10 feet and 13-15 feet, respectively. Keeping your distance from a suspect is crucial in an encounter. With DPS you can be sure to have that level of safety.

DPS "Black Label" sprays are a whole other animal. With a 2% OC/CS mix, this formulation is devastating to anyone unfortunate enough to be affected by it. Developed and used primarily for high-threat and containment situations, this variation is utilized mostly by SWAT, Corrections, CERT teams and other high level units.



If your department is looking for the best chemical agent, then you've found it. If you are interested in learning more you can check out the DPS website for more information or check out a DPS flyer outlining all of the products and details. As one of very few authorized dealers for DPS, we can get you the best spray at the best price. Contact us directly through phone at 1-844-STUNRUN or email us at if you are interested in bulk discounts.