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Pepper Spray

Pepper Spray

is the biggest, baddest self-defense product to have in your arsenal for personal protection. Highly effective, painfully long and blisteringly hot. Your attacker will think twice next time.

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The Best Pepper Spray Self-Defense Products

We supply only the best Pepper Spray, including a wide array of:

DPS Pepper Spray - If you’re looking for the safety range advantage, DPS “X-Stream Range”has you covered. This unit features the longest range in the self-defense products industry. It’s dispersal range sprays 15-17 ft for 2oz and 3oz sprays while the 4oz units spray an insane 20 ft. The DPS “Black Label” pepper sprays feature a 2% OC/CS mix, allowing you to effectively impair your attacker and escape to safety.

Pepper Spray for Women - Whether you or the women in your life prefer discrete or prioritize portability when it comes to self defense options, we have the best pepper spray. From pepper spray bracelets to pepper spray guns to pepper spray keychains and everything in between, self defense can easily be integrated into your everyday life.

Disguised Pepper Spray - A disguised pepper spray will allow you the element of surprise when someone attacks you, as they will mistake your defense spray for a regular, everyday item.

Keychain Pepper Spray - Arguably the most popular non-lethal self-defense tool; The added keychain functionality allows you to protect yourself on the go, wherever you go.

Mace Pepper Spray - A well known and trusted pepper spray brand.

Animal Repellent - Self-defense is not restricted solely to human assailants. These non lethal sprays are EPA-approved and cause no permanent damage, perfect for stray dogs or when you're in coyote country.

With these non-lethal self defense pepper spray tools and products at your disposal, you can effectively protect you and your family.

Pepper Spray Products for Self Defense

Pepper spray is one of the most iconic (and effective) self-defense products available for the average citizen. Also known as OC spray, defense sprays work by inflaming the mucous membranes in the skin, nose and eyes. Typical reactions include restricted breathing, coughing, choking, and tearing. The natural pepper solution is a real treat for the eyes, the main target area when neutralizing a threat. The peppers dilate the eyes upon impact, forcing the eyes to close involuntarily and causing an onset of temporary blindness for up to 15 minutes. The searing pain can last upwards of 45 minutes, allowing one plenty of time to get away and call the police.


There are a variety of pepper spray dispersal patterns, all of which have their own advantages and disadvantages based on the circumstances and surrounding environment(s) in which they are used. This includes: stream, cone, fogger, gel and foam. Some pepper sprays only use OC (oleoresin capsicum) while others have an OC/CS (tear gas) mixture, which cause a subject to be affected by both the inflammatory effects of the OC and the stinging pain of the CS.

Pepper spray comes in all shapes and sizes. They are as small as half an ounce and as large as one pound.  Variations include regular canisters, as well as those with key rings and clips for belts. There are also concealed models in the form of lipstick, phone cases, bracelets, guns/firearms, and pens. All of these are great when dealing with an attacker, as it gives them no time to react.

Overall, pepper spray is highly recommended for self-defense. It provides you with 8 - 25 feet of distance depending on the spray pattern, immobilizes an assailant up to 45 minutes, is easy to carry and provides a non-lethal alternative over carrying a firearm.

Self Defense Sprays Recommendations

DPS Pepper Spray is by far the best brand of defense spray that we carry. 

If you are on a budget, the DPS Pepper Spray – ¾ oz unit will serve you well. The volume or amount of spray you will have is low, but it is just enough to subdue an attacker.

We recommend getting a 2oz can of the DPS X-Stream Range spray, since it provides plenty of shots.

Finally, if you want the best of the best then the DPS Black Label is the way to go. The OC formulation on its own is deadly enough, but combined with 2% CS tear gas…its unstoppable. Prison inmates call it “ The Silver Bullet” for a reason. They won’t touch the stuff.


NOTE: Be aware of the laws & restrictions for your area when looking for a pepper spray. Have questions? For in-depth information on this self-defense product, check out our pepper spray FAQ page. 


Your Pepper Spray & Self Defense Spray Product Experts

Have any pepper spray questions? As a local small business, we always have your back!

With these non-lethal self defense tools and products at your disposal, you can effectively protect you and your family.

From sourcing and supplying only the best self defense sprays, to making sure that we cater to your needs. Send any questions you have to support@srselfdefense.com or contact us for assistance.