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Our survival as a species has been tested since the dawn of time. And at every epoch, those who prepared survived. As the world grows more tenacious, your safety will depend on taking the right precautions!

Stun & Run Self Defense offers a wide range of survival gear, including bulletproof vests, emergency preparedness equipment, instructional books, instructional fighting DVDs, shooting supplies and spy gear. Whether you are a prepper, survivalist, hunter or just someone who likes being prepared for anything, we've got you covered!

Survival Gear and Equipment to Help You Prepare

Ensure you are prepared for any and every situation with our in demand survival products:

Bulletproof Vests - We carry well known durable brands like Strike Face, Legacy Safety & Security, and BulletSafe. Our concealable compression shirts feature multiple pockets that allow you to place your padding panels exactly where you prefer. Our combat-ready body armor offers twice as much protective coverage while being easily customizable with removable attachments.

Diversion Safes - Hidden safes are an optimal solution for securing valuables. Safely store your belongings in plain sight with our diversion safes.

Metal Detectors - With the help of our easy to use metal detectors, you can effectively detect and identify handguns and knifes from 6 inches away. Detectors are ideal for use in airports, schools, prisons, sporting events, etc.

Shooting Supplies and Accessories - We supply concealed carry holsters, conceal carry IDs, gun cleaning kits, gun mounts, and hidden gun safes. These gun accessories pair exceptionally well to help enhance your firearm.





Your Reliable Survival Defense Gear Experts

Have survival equipment questions? As a local small business, we always have your back!

With these reliable survival products at your disposal, you can effectively take every precaution.

From sourcing and supplying only the best self defense tools and survival gear, to making sure that we cater to your needs. Send any questions you have to support@srselfdefense.com or contact us for assistance.

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