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On this page you will find all of our company policies regarding purchasing terms, laws and restrictions on products, our shipping policy, 60-day return policy and our policy on protecting customer data.

Company Policies:

Laws & Restrictions: Be sure to check and see what laws apply to your state and jurisdiction in the shipping of certain products.

Terms of Service: When purchasing you agree to the terms of service laid out on this page.

Purchase Orders: Please read out terms if ordering via purchase order.

Shipping Policy: Here you can find all the information regarding the processing of your order. We have a 60 day return window for products. Click to learn more details.

Cancellation Policy: If you have paid for a self-defense class you should check out our cancellation policy.

Privacy Policy: Your privacy is secure and respected when shopping with us. Check here for more information. 


Have any questions or concerns about any of our policies? Contact us so we can help!