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Pepper Spray for Female Runners

Posted by Ulrich Faircloth on

Are you a woman? Do you jog for sport? Are there times when you feel unsafe or vulnerable when out running? Women are one of the most targeted groups when it comes to criminal activity. Many are afraid to go out and live life because of the fear of being attacked or taken advantage of. This is even true when going out for daily exercise. Self- defense for women is very important, particularly when out and about. There is pepper spray for female runners, which can help alleviate potential dangers.

I am a male, one who enjoys the various lakes in the spring and summer months of Minneapolis. I am also am an avid runner during these periods of warm weather. One lake that I like jogging around is Lake Calhoun, which spans 3.1 miles. As a sociology graduate and crime prevention aficionado, I tend to observe things of interest in the area of self-defense. One thing that I have noticed in jogging around Lake Calhoun is fear. When I pass a young woman or lady, it seems that the person in question clenches up in reaction to my passing. Should they be worried? They certainly have a legitimate reason to be.

According to Aware, statistics show that a woman at the age of 21 is at greater risk of experiencing a violent crime in her lifetime. The statistics for violent crime are staggering.

Female joggers tend to be prime targets for violent crime, particularly if they are in isolated areas or by themselves. Honing some form of self-defense is crucial in such situations. This is where the Mace Pepper Spray Jogger Model comes in handy. Not only is it great for fending off would-be attackers, but it also works on aggressive animals such as dogs as well. It can be easily held in the hand (it has a clasp) when running or when involved in other outdoor activities.

Self-defense for women in the form of a potent pepper spray is essential for warding off attackers. Everyone needs security in their lives. The nice thing though is that if you happen to be female and run past a guy along your jogging path, you’ve no need to feel anxious or afraid. A can of pepper spray for female runners goes a long way!

At Stun & Run Self Defense we take pride in helping to provide that security for everyone who needs it. Safer Days, Better Lives is our calling.

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