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Where Can I Buy Pepper Spray in Minneapolis, MN?

Posted by Ulrich Faircloth on


I would like to talk about the availability of self defense products in the Minneapolis. I have seen older posts from years ago asking, “Where can I buy pepper spray in Minneapolis, MN.” People that I have talked to about pepper spray and other products are interested in our product line because they cannot seem to find them in retail stores. I even read an article in the Star Tribune, from 2008, where people could find salt but not pepper spray at the Target downtown! This was of course, when the economy was in a complete downward spiral. But even so, I can imagine that even for people in other cities and other states, finding life-saving products like pepper spray and personal alarms at big box stores like Target or Walmart is highly unlikely (and if they do carry anything, there is little variety).

Although we do not own a physical storefront, Stun & Run Self Defense LLC provides people with the safety that they are looking for. With a wide range of products, concern for your well-being, and available support for all of your questions, you can be confident that we will be there for you at all times. Best of all, we can provide guidance and support no matter where you are! That is the great thing about having an online presence, something that many local businesses do not have or focus on. Not only that, you no longer have to worry about your local Target or Walmart not carrying the things you need for protection.

As a side-note, we had our first trade show event on November 2nd, at the Arboretum in Chaska, MN. It was called “Ladies Night Out” and there were several booths dedicated to a variety of wares.

We got some exposure, but ultimately there were not many event-goers. Of those who were there, many either went past our booth without looking (this picture does not reflect what we had, as the table was rearranged) or did not even come into our area. The good news is that we got our name out there to some people. The push now really is to advertise locally here in Minneapolis and online with our website. Here is one of the products we are trying to promote for the holidays (which you can see on the right-hand side of the picture).

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