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Ulrich Faircloth




I am a native of Lumberton, NC. I went to Beloit College in Wisconsin for four years before settling in Minneapolis, MN. While in school, I got a feel for public safety by taking a course on social deviance.

I was fascinated by how society shapes and molds us as individuals, particularly when it came down to the status quo.

I worked with the Minneapolis Police Department as a crime prevention intern during my Junior year of college. Less than a year after graduating, I became a community service officer (CSO) with the department. 7 months in and things did not pan out for a number of reasons. The police world simply was not the right environment for me. I wanted to follow in the footsteps of the two crime prevention specialists that mentored me. Hence, my desire was to be more involved in the community as opposed to being part of a reactionary force, of punishing people.

I wanted to help prevent crime rather than react to it.

 The very same day I applied to be a CSO, Stun & Run Self Defense LLC was also born. I wanted to see if I could help my fellow Americans, local Minnesotans especially, by providing them with the tools and the knowledge to defend themselves while also being involved in the public sector and learning about police culture. My sociological hat was certainly on. I learned a great deal of things and met a lot of people, but I left the MPD by September of 2013.

My passion in life is to protect the lives of others.

I do this through entrepreneurship and by surrounding myself with positive, like-minded people. My dream is for Stun & Run Self Defense to become Minnesota's first and only self-defense products retail outlet. I know that with hard work and dedication, this will become a reality.

 Fun Facts

  • Game on! I love playing videogames (when I have time), particularly RPGs, first-person shooters and action games. Mobile games, like Clash of Clans, can be addicting too.
  • Total anime fan. I enjoy watching good titles.
  • Amazon was my first step towards entrepreneurship.
  • Wrote a 40-page "philosophy of life" manuscript as a sophomore in high school.
  • Had always wanted to be a historian or psychologist, not a crime prevention buff.